Tumbled Pyrite From Peru

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The Fantasia brand of Pyrite tumbled stones you are ordering are 100% natural and made only with high grade hand selected Pyrite rough Fantasia purchases directly from the mine in Peru. With the hand selection process, Fantasia ensures that their tumbled Angelite is always made using the highest quality rough stones currently coming from the mine..

Size, Piece Count, and Natural Characteristics:

The average stone size is between 0.75 inch and 1.25 inches for these stones.
The average number of stones per pound is around 11-13 pieces.
As earth mined stones the natural characteristics of the material such as visible matrix, surface pits, divots, and variations in size, shape, color, and patterning may be present in the stones you receive. This is completely normal and not a flaw in the polishing or the rough that was tumbled.

The above quantities are averages and while the majority of the time you will receive stones in these ranges, it is possible to receive smaller or larger pieces or a total number of pieces above or below the amounts listed above. ?The stones you receive are perfect for art projects, crafts, wire wrapping, reiki, decoration, vases, landscaping, fountains and so much more with the possibilities being limited only by your imagination!

**IMPORTANT: These are natural earth mined stones that have been hand selected, tumbled and polished. Even after being tumbled it is possible to still have some natural flaws in the stones. Some material types tumble smoother and take a better polish, while others will still show dull areas and natural imperfections even after polishing. It is possible to get a small number of pieces that have a chip in them which occurred during shipping and this is normal. Due to differences in how monitors display brightness, hue, vibrancy and color saturation, the colors you see on your screen may vary from the colors of the stones received.