Our Mines

Fantasia Mining is the owner of the award winning Avatar and Fantasia mines located in Mt. Ida, Arkansas (click the mine name for each mines own page.) These mines are known world wide for producing some of the highest quality AAA grade water clear quartz in the world. From these mines you will find glass backs, burrs, unique formations with metaphysical properties, and so much more! We are also the owners of the amazing Jericho Fluorite and Beryllium mine which is located in Utah.

The Avatar and Fantasia mines are located on over 40 acres in the beautiful Ouchita National Forest. In addition to the leased land in the National Forest, we also own an additional 18 acres where test digs have shown a lifetime of proven reserves including a beautiful blue phantom lead and lots of metaphysical characteristics in the quartz. Since mining hasn't even started at this location, this 18 acres of land is still completely untouched!
Glassback from the Fantasia Crystal Mine
A Beautiful Glass Back Crystal Plate from the Fantasia Crystal Mine!
Our miners have been digging crystal in the Mt. Ida area for over 30 years. With their knowledge and experience we are able to produce tons of our beautiful award winning water clear quartz every year.
Unique Shapes are not Uncommon
A Unique Crystal Formation from the Avatar Crystal Mine!
We also offer a very limited number of mining trips each year where you can visit our Avatar and Fantasia mines in Mt. Ida and dig your own quartz right from the hard rock walls!

We give you a short history of crystal, how it is formed, what a pocket of crystal is, what the seams look like and we show you how we determine where the best areas are to dig for the best chance of finding large plates of amazing water clear crystals!

A certified miner is with you at all times so if you have any questions they are always there to help. Our mining trips aren't just picking up points from a taililngs pile, but you actually get in there with digging bars, hard hats, elbow and knee pads, and everything else you need to hand dig some amazing quartz crystals!
If you are unable to be in Mt. Ida during the Fantasia or Avatar mining trips, we also work with numerous other crystal mines in the area that offer a more relaxed atmosphere allowing visitors to go through their tailings piles to find beautiful crystals that were missed during the commercial digging.