Tumbled Amazonite - B Grade - Medium - 1" to 1.5" Average

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The Fantasia brand of Amazonite Tumbled Stones are processed, and hand graded directly from a tumbling factory in Brazil. It begins with 100% natural earth mined stones, then each stone is tumbled, and hand graded for a superior quality. We take great care in tumbling our stones and are very proud of the quality that we produce.

Metaphysical Properties: Amazonite is known as a stone of success and abundance which is used by many to promote prosperity. It aids in communication and assists with non-verbal expression, helping one to see all sides of an issue while bringing balance to any situation. Amazonite helps to filter information and allows one to use their natural intuition to come up with the best positive solution to issues that may arise in daily life. It promotes creativity and self-expression and is very helpful for anyone involved in the arts.

* Please note: Some material types will have imperfections even in high and top grades due to their natural characteristics. The number of acceptable imperfections is relative to the material type being tumbled and comparison between the different grades.