Bubble Agate Rough (aka Botryoidal Chalcedony) Stone Specimen from Morocco.

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The Fantasia® brand of Bubble Agate specimens are 100% natural and imported by the ton directly from Morocco to Fantasia Mining's USA rock yard. Bubble Agate is form of Botryoidal Chalcedony which has a natural formation of spherical masses, often resembling grapes. This is a very exotic and new find with grey and brown inclusions of color in the solidified spheres. Since it is natural earth mined material, no two pieces will be exactly the same so your order will contain a one-of-a-kind piece directly from the earth.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is rough natural material which means you are receiving it exactly how it came out of the ground. You will be receiving stones that look similar to our images but will not be one of the exact pieces shown in our pictures. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact Fantasia Mining prior to purchase so we can ensure you will be completely satisfied with your order.