Rough Angelite Stones From Peru

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The Fantasia brand of premium Angelite rough stones are 100% natural and imported by the ton from the mine in Peru directly to Fantasia Mining's USA rock yard. These stones are premium grade complete Angelite nodules with an exquisite blue color. As mostly full nodules, you may need to break them in half once received to see the beautiful blue Angelite inside. Our images show some of the pieces both as whole nodules, and what you can expect once they are broken in half to show the amazing natural color these stones contain.

Size, Color and Quantity:

Most of these Angelite nodules are between 1.5" and 4".
The color grading and quality from the area these were mined is ranked as Q1 - the best anywhere in the world.
Due to size variances in these stones, you could receive one large piece or multiple smaller pieces with your order.

Please note that the above sizes are only averages and it is possible to get pieces larger or smaller than these dimensions with your order. Some pieces may have broken in transit, so you may receive complete nodules or some that are already broken in half which is normal. We recommend looking at all of our images to see the variety of what you could receive in regards to average sizes and color shades. With your order, you will receive a random scoop (also called a blind pour) of these amazing stones which is equal to or greater than the total weight purchased. Your order will come from the exact shipment of stones pictured, but may not be the exact stones in our images.

These Fantasia rough stones are perfect for tumbling, polishing, cabbing, cutting, wire wrapping, arts and crafts, fountains and water features, gem mining activities, education, keeping in their natural forms as specimens and so much more which is limited only by your imagination.

**IMPORTANT: Please note that the stones you receive are naturally earth mined products of nature. When you receive them they may contain a small layer of dust which could coat the stones or the inside of the bag, so you will want to rinse the stones to see their true potential. Due to differences in how monitors display brightness, hue, vibrance and color saturation, the colors you see on your screen may vary from the colors of the stones received.