Tabasco Geodes Rough Stones from Mexico

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The Fantasia® brand of Tabasco Geode Pairs are beautiful natural baby geodes that have been cut and polished to be ready for jewelry making, crafts, or collecting. We mine and import over 5000 sets each shipment of these geodes directly from our mine in Mexico where they are cut and polished to our USA warehouse. Each set is then hand sorted to ensure every pair meets our strict quality standards. These are high grade baby geodes with druze quartz centers which are approximately 1/4” – 1/2” inch each as shown in our images. While this is the average size it is possible to get some sets that are smaller or larger than these dimensions since they are naturally earth mined and Mother Nature doesn't make any two geodes exactly alike.

For most of these the colors you will receive will be reds, greys, blues, blacks or whites as shown in our images. While these are the primary colors we find while mining, on rare occasion we find yellows, greens and other colors which you may get when purchasing. The pieces we send with each order are selected randomly from thousands of these high grade geode pairs and they are perfect for wire wrapping, jewelry making, arts and crafts, collecting and more!

VERY IMPORTANT: These are natural earth mined geodes with druzy quartz centers and the pieces you receive will be similar to the pieces in our pictures but will not be the exact pieces shown. Every piece you receive is unique just as Mother Nature created them and may have varying colors, sizes, shapes and patterning. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact Fantasia Mining here on Amazon prior to purchase and we will do our best to assist you.