Full Mine Bag of Black Obsidian Rough Stones - Natural Volcanic Glass - Raw Rocks Directly from the Mine Owner!

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Fantasia Mining owns ten different mines in Mexico and is offering stones right out of the ground to those purchasing in bulk. These black obsidian stones you are ordering are 100% natural and have not been cleaned, broken or modified in any way. They will still contain a thin layer of dirt or a thin shell on the outside of the stones and our miners simply dug them by hand from the ground then put them in mine bags so you are getting them exactly as Mother Nature made them!

We have included pictures showing what they look like directly out of the mine bag and how beautiful the black obsidian is when broken or cleaned to expose the spectacular deep black color inside. This is a rare opportunity to purchase MINE DIRECT right from the MINE OWNERS and receive this beautiful black obsidian right here on Amazon.

For shipping purposes we will open the mine bag and fill multiple USPS flat rate boxes since that is the most cost efficient. If you prefer your mine bag completely unopened just like it comes from Mexico we can ship via UPS but the price for shipping is significantly higher. Feel free to message us here on Fantasiamining.com if you would like the unopened mine bag and we will create a custom listing with the proper shipping costs.

IMPORTANT: This is a natural earth mined volcanic glass which means edges could be sharp and you should be very careful when handling these stones. Due to this we recommend handling only with thick gloves and this item is not intended for children.