50 Different Rough Stones with Identification Cards - The Best Starter Rock Collection and Activity Kit Including Stones from Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Asia, India and More!

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This mix from Fantasia Mining contains an amazing selection of 50 different types of rough stones from around the world in every bag (no duplicates). To compliment your stones and make it both fun and educational, you will also receive a complete set of 50 information and identification cards to identify each stone you receive while also providing both scientific and metaphysical information on every stone type. Every bag is made by hand in Fantasia's USA warehouse to ensure they contain 50 different stone types with matching identification cards. This set is perfect for both novice and advanced rockhounds with it containing both common and rare natural earth mined stones from around the world.

An educational fun activity - Identifying these stones is a fun, challenging, and educational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

This kit can be purchased as an Activity Kit where you get to match the stones, or as a Pre-Identified Kit where each stone comes in an individual bag with its own identification card. We also include a second set of cards with the pre-Identified kit.

* An instant beginner rock collection - With 50 different types of stones from around the world this assortment contains an amazing selection for any rock enthusiast.
The definitive crystal healing collection - With so much variety you can find a stone included for almost any issue are tapping into the earth's energy can help.
* See the beauty Mother Nature creates - You can see all of these natures wonders and the amazing colors, patterns, and other natural characteristics of each of the stones included.
* Fantasia is a USA based mining company located in Massillon Ohio and a brand trusted worldwide.

On average the total stone weight is around 2.5 - 3.5 pounds and most stones are between 1" and 1.75" with a few around .5".

Stones may vary from images.

VERY IMPORTANT: All-natural Earth Mined Stones will vary in color from one stone to the next with no two stones being identical. Sometimes the stones received will not look identical to the pictures on the identification cards due to how Mother Nature makes them. Please expect natural variations in color, shape, patterning, size, clarity and all other natural characteristics when ordering this product. The cards and stones are not pre-matched together as the cards come in a separate package.

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