Facet/Cab Grade Rainbow Moonstone Rough from India - Special Grade Material.

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The Fantasia brand of facet, cab and wire wrapping Rainbow Moonstone rough is the highest quality Rainbow Moonstone available. It is better than A, AA, AAA and even above EX grade. It has the most color flash of any rainbow moonstone on the market and it is possible to find full rainbows from Red to Violet in some of these stones. In most cases the pieces will produce an amazing blue flash with about 1 in 50 pieces on average showing a partial or full rainbow of other colors right out of the bag. For our pictures we did not turn the stones to any special angles and this is how they fell when we poured them out of the mine bag to photograph. We want to stress that this is not a less expensive material which we also have available here on Amazon, but a professional grade top quality Rainbow Moonstone that is used by jewelry makers worldwide in their expensive rings, earrings and pendants.

For the novice to Rainbow Moonstone we want to make sure you understand that not every stone will have a color flash when first taken out of the bag. Some pieces will need to be cabbed or worked in some way to expose the beautiful colors within. The way rainbow moonstone works is for the flash to be seen each piece must be broken or cut to the proper angle, then after that is done it must be rotated to the proper viewing angle to see the color flash. This is true of all rainbow moonstone. While this material will have more flash right out of the bag than any other grade available, if purchasing a small quantity like 50 carats (which is only a few pieces) it is possible you will need to first cut or work some or all of the stones to be able to see the color flash. We don't want anyone to be dissatisfied especially with an expensive professional grade of material like this, and Fantasia Mining is available to answer any questions about this material either before or after purchase.

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