Premium Amethyst 'A' Grade Facet Rough

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This Fantasia® Brand of Amethyst rough has a brilliant natural "A" grade color. It has not been treated in any way and is 100% natural just as it came out of the ground. While this material has all the quality needed to make beautiful faceted stones, it can also be used for cabbing, wire wrapping, reiki, or to keep as a specimen.

Your order will contain a total of 1 full pound (2,268 carats) of spectacular 'A' grade color material.

When you purchase you will receive multiple pieces of this beautiful material selected at random to make up the total weight for your order. Fantasia® brand Amethyst facet rough is always untreated and natural earth mined, imported directly from the mine in Brazil, and hand sorted for color quality at our USA rock yard.

**Important Note: This material is an untrimmed rough with an "A" grade color. While you will receive facet grade material in this lot we want you to be aware it is not a 100% clean rough and will contain inclusions, veils, color banding or other imperfections which will need to be trimmed before cutting. Both Hobbiests and Professional gem cutters worldwide trust the superior quality associated with the Fantasia® name.