The Natural Gemstone Collection - Set #6

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The Coal Collection is the sixth in a series of rock, gemstone, fossil, and mineral sets from Fantasia Mining. This series is perfect to introduce childern to the joys of rock collecting and to get them excited about these natural wonders of the world. These sets have been used in pre-K, elementary, secondary and home schooling classrooms. They allow the teacher to interact with students in a fun and entertaining manner by letting the students have a hands on experience with real earth mined specimens instead of just viewing a picture in a book. The sets in this series aren't only for the classroom and aspiring geologists of all ages will enjoy the unique completely natural specimens received.

The Coal Collection you are ordering comes in a 7" x 3.5" clear plastic collectors box and contains multiple specimens of natural types of coal along with multiple surprising products made from coal. Each individual specimen measures around 1/2" to 3/4" and is attached to the included identification card. On the back of the identification card are interesting facts about why coal is so important and how different types of coal formed in nature.

This set includes the following natural specimens: Peat, Lignite, Bituminous, Anthracite, and Cannel Coal along with things made from coal such as Mint Flavors, Coke, Aspirin, Dye & Ink Colors, Synthetic Rubber, Tar Paper, Plastics and Nylon.

The set you are ordering is the authentic Fanatsia Mining Coal Collection which is proudly made in the USA - Manufacturer's Part Number COAL-D24. Contains small parts and is recommended for children 8 and up.