Black Agate Bookends

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The Fantasia® brand of Black Agate Bookends start with hand selected pieces of premium agate which are graded for superior quality. After each piece is checked to make sure they meet Fantasia's® strict quality standards they are hand cut, dyed to add the black color, and the faces are polished by master craftsmen to provide a spectacular visual appearance while also being functional to hold books in place. With your order you will receive a single pair of these remarkable bookends. Since each piece of Agate is completely natural we want our customers to be aware that no two pairs of bookends are exactly alike, and the pair of bookends you receive will be unique but similar to those shown in our images. You may notice different patterns in the bookends you receive, along with different shades of black to purples in each piece which is to be expected when starting with a natural agate that isn't a man made item.

Note: Due to the size of these bookends they must be shipped in a medium flat rate box.