Avatar Crystal Mine

Until 2011 the Avatar Crystal Mine was known as the Arrowhead Crystal Mine. This mine is a 5 time winner of the Point and Cluster divisions of the Mt. Ida Quartz World Championships and has produced some of the finest crystal in the entire Mt. Ida area!

The Avatar Crystal Mine is one of the leading producers in the world for metaphysical crystals, including large quantities of Isis, Channeling, Generators, Phantoms, Double Terminated, Keys, Twins, Windows, Rainbows, Record Keepers, Tabbys, and more!

There are multiple quartz seams that run through this mine, which lead to some huge crystals and amazing formations where they all meet. Over the 20+ years this mine has been operating, crystals as large as 12 inches in diameter have been found and it is believed that much larger crystal points still exist at this mine deeper down in the earth!
Avatar Crystal Mine
The REAL Reason Matt was willing to sell such an incredible mine!!
A Freshly Mined and Rinsed Burr from the Avatar Crystal Mine
A Beautiful Crystal Burr Freshly Dug from the Avatar Crystal Mine!
This mine has an amazing history sitting on 25 acres of land in the beautiful Ouchita National Forest. This mine began producing world class crystal in the early 1990's. Over the years as the mine got deeper and the commercial digging pit expanded the crystals just kept getting better.

The previous owner would allow people would come to pick through the old tailings piles, but no new significant digging was occurring. Fantasia's owners came for 2 days to hand dig there, and ended up staying for over a week. They fell in love with the mine and the amazing crystal they were digging and as professional miners themselves, they offered to purchase it.

Fantasia now has a crew at the mine extracting tons of materials per year. The crystal from this mine is world class, and with over 20 acres still untouched there is a lifetime of amazing crystal yet to be produced!