Brazillian Natural Stone Mix - Extra Large

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The Fantasia® brand of Premium Grade Assorted Stones begins with 100% natural earth mined stones that are "A" to "AA" grade and contain a superior color. Each stone is tumbled and then hand graded directly at our own Fantasia® tumbling factory. We take great care in tumbling our stones and are very proud of the premium quality that we produce.

This mix is made using the following material types to give the best variety of colors and to assist with all the chakras:

Red Jasper - Red
Carnelian - Orange
Citrine - Yellow
Yellow Jasper - Yellow
Green Quartz - Green
Blue Quartz - Blue
Sodalite - Blue
Amethyst - Purple

In addtion to the above colors of the rainbow we also include the additional materials below with the colors of:

Clear Quartz - Clear
Hematite - Silver
Milky Quartz - White
Rose Quartz - Pink
Bronzite - Brown/Bronze
Smokey Quartz - Light or Dark Brown
Nephrite Jade - Black/Green
And more...

This mix is available in 5 different sizes including extra small which averages ½" to ¾", small which averages ¾" to 1", medium which averages 1" to 1½", large which averages 1½" to 1¾", extra large which averages 1¾" to 2", and XXLarge which averages 2" to 2½". Please note that these are the average sizes and you may receive some stones larger or smaller in your bag.

IMPORTANT: Some material types will have imperfections even after being tumbled due to their natural characteristics. Due to the fragile nature of tumbled stones it is also possible minor chipping may be found on some stones. The number of acceptable imperfections like this is relative to the material type and the grade being purchased. While we do our best to have every stone type in every bag this is not something which is guaranteed. Depending on the stone size ordered, it is also possible that some stone types in your bag may be duplicated.