Beautiful Grape Agate Cluster from Indonesia - Also Known As Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony - GA010

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Rare Grape Agate also known as Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony from Indonesia. Grape Agate Piece #GA010

The Grape Agate Clusters are from a specific area in Indonesia. This exceptional Grape Agate Cluster has been hand selected one piece at a time so our customers will get the highest quality available at the best possible price. You will receive the specific piece that you order. Weight and size measurements are in one of the pictures. Most grape agate clusters come in light to deep purple, but occasionally could be in white, gray, green and blue.

The Grape Agate Clusters make beautiful home decor pieces, work or desk decor, wedding decor, art and crafting supplies or anything else you imagine.

Hurry! Pick your favorite piece (or pieces 😊) before it is gone!

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Very Important: We are trying our best to show the most accuracy of our product, but due to monitor and screen settings, etc. product might not be exactly the same colors (but very close) as what you see in the pictures.