Michigan Copper Heart - Avg 1"

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The Fantasia® brand of cast copper hearts are made exclusively from solid copper mined right in the USA here in Michigan. Every piece you receive is hand checked to ensure the finished product is up to Fantasia's strict quality standards. These are perfect as paper weights, Valentines Day presents, decorations in curio cabinets, collecting and for a variety of other applications limited only by your imagination. These hearts are a 1" size so they are also perfect to carry with you in your pocket as a keepsake.

Scientific Properties:
Group: Native Element: Copper
Chemical Formula: Cu
Specific Gravity: 8.95 - 8.95
Moh's Hardness: 2.5 - 3.0

Metaphysical Properties:
Primary Chakra: Root, Heart
Astrological Sign(s): Taurus, Sagittarius
Vibration Number: 1