Tumbled Rose Quartz A Grade

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The Fantasia® brand of Rose Quartz A Grade Tumbled Stones are processed and hand graded directly at our own Fantasia® tumbling factory. We take great care in tumbling our stones and are very proud of the quality that we produce.

Metaphysical Properties: Rose quartz is known as the "love stone" or "heart stone". It is a stone of unconditional love both to ones self and to others. It brings compassion, kindness, and forgiveness to ones self as well as balancing ones emotions, bringing a greater sense of inner peace and harmony. Rose quartz removes anger and resentment, and can help to heal old wounds and remove unreasonable guilt. It is an excellent stone to wear when you are feeling despondent and feel the need to be deeply cared for and loved.

Stone Grading: Fantasia tumbled stones are offered in multiple grades so customers can choose the best balance of cost vs characteristics for their needs.

Fantasia EX Grade
Rough: Top Quality
Tumbling Time: 2+ Months
Luster and Shine: Top Possible
Quality Control: Hand Checked at Every Phase
Imperfections Allowed*: Almost None
Cost: Expensive

Fantasia A Grade
Rough: High Grade
Tumbling Time: 1-2 Months
Luster and Shine: Superior
Quality Control: Hand Checked at Most Phases
Imperfections Allowed*: Semi-Limited
Cost: Reasonable

Fantasia B Grade
Rough: Standard Grade
Tumbling Time: Up to 1 Month
Luster and Shine: Standard
Quality Control: Hand Checked at Final Phase
Imperfections Allowed*: Some
Cost: Inexpensive

* Please note: Some material types will have imperfections even in high and top grades due to their natural characteristics. The number of acceptable imperfections is relative to the material type being tumbled and comparison between the different grades.