Peridot Professional Facet Rough

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The Fantasia® brand of Professional Peridot Facet Rough you are ordering is from an exclusive partnership with the miners on the Indian reservations in Arizona. This material has an amazingly rich green color and has large chunky clear pieces as you can see in our images. On average this material is over 70% clean with minimal to no inclusions that will effect the final yield in each piece. We want to stress - this is a professional large facet rough and not an inexpensive hobbiest cutting rough! Each piece averages from 5-15 carats and your order will contain one or multiple pieces of this spectacular material of varying natural sizes, shapes and color hues as shown in the images

If you have any questions about this material or any of the Fantasia® brand professional facet rough materials available feel free to contact Fantasia Mining prior to purchase and we will do our best to assist you.